Abstract Wooden Reclining Figure

Abstract Wooden Reclining Figure

Abstract Wooden Reclining Figure


This abstract wooden reclining figure from the early 50s has been carved from a single piece of oak. Its impressive design and strong influences from the works of Henry Moore make it an interesting and unique piece. The wood has beautiful grains throughout and an aged patina giving it character. Unfortunately, there is no signature on this work to identify its creator but based on its quality and craftsmanship, we can assume that whoever made this had considerable experience as an artist.

Henry Moore’s influence can be seen throughout this sculpture; his use of abstract forms combined with organic shapes is evident here too. There’s also a sense of movement within the figure which gives life to what would otherwise be just another wooden carving; while still being recognizably human, there’s enough abstraction for us to see our own interpretations of how exactly they are reclining or posed in some way.

Material: Oak
Dimensions: 70cm x 30cm x 21cm

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