Bas van Pelt Oak and Rush Armchair

Bas van Pelt Oak and Rush Armchair

Bas van Pelt Oak and Rush Armchair


Rare oak and rush armchair by Bas van Pelt.  The solid oak frame has a beautiful patina and the chair has still its original rush /rope seating and back.

Bas van Pelt (1900-1945) designed many special pieces of furniture, much of which has been preserved and a number of original items have been included by different museums. The Bas van Pelt interior design shop has a long history. In 1931, Bas van Pelt (1900-1945) became the owner of ‘My Home Woninginrichting’ (in 1956 the shop was renamed ‘Bas van Pelt Binnenhuisarchitectuur B.V.’), turning the store into a well-running business in the field of modern home furnishings. My Home/Bas van Pelt distinguished himself from most stores, because interior decoration was practised there as well. Because of the combination of sales and interior design, a more than 60-year contemporary collection was created in the store. As a result, Bas van Pelt could not only offer products, but carry out countless interior assignments as well.
Especially Bas van Pelt himself determined the image of the store. Due to his business instinct and charming personality, he managed to build up a successful interior design shop and a large customer base in a short period of time.

Dimensions 82 cm x 65 cm x 70 cm.

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