Cubist Aluminum Sculpture by Piet Slegers

Cubist Aluminum Sculpture by Piet Slegers

Cubist Aluminum Sculpture by Piet Slegers


Beautiful cubist sculpture made of cast aluminum by Dutch artist Piet Slegers.

Petrus Alphonsius Maria (Piet) Slegers was born in Mierlo. He was educated at the art academy of Arnhem and was established as a free artist since 1947.

 Many of his artworks, often made of stainless steel, are inspired by nature but are frequently situated in the urban landscape or along the motorway. Slegers liked to confront nature and culture with one another. Important themes in his work are light, water and earth, which he ties together in a poetic fashion. An example of this is the Sfeerproject (Sphere Project, 1980-1981) that he designed for the European Parliament in Strasbourg, where the elements of water, wind and sun determine the work’s appearance. Or Landschapsontmoetingsscupltuur (Land Encounter Sculpture, 1978-1992) in Lelystad, where two landscape shapes made of stainless steel rise up from the ground and meet each other in front of a complex of office buildings. The sun is reflected in the stainless steel as a ‘breakthrough of light

1970s, The Netherlands

Materials: cast aluminum
Dimensions: 78x30cm
Very good condition, consistent with age and use

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