Graphic Lithographs by Ton Jageneau

Graphic Lithographs by Ton Jageneau

Graphic Lithographs by Ton Jageneau


Dazzlig set of graphic lithographs by Ton Jageneau. This serigraphs by Belgium artist Ton Jageneau are really nice and hand made. The graphical dazzle pattern is made with black ink on silver foil. Signed in blind pen 6/100 & 96/100 and artist signature in the right corner and the back.

Ton Jageneau is a remarkable Antwerp artist. Remarkable especially because he participated the art scene only after a long study, watching, meditation and observation. Ton Jageneau was born in 1925 in Antwerp. In his hometown, he received his first artistic training from his teacher Van Avermaete.

Further he enjoyed his training at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the School of Arts Crafts, where he among other things was taught by Rene Guiette. From the beginning he folowed closely the numerous artistic activities in the metropolis and thereby completed his training with frequently repeated visits to museums and exhibitions. Especially the golden period of the Hessenhuis which the dynamic association G58 had found refuge which many hypermodern and internationally important exhibitions organized in Belgium which finally got the abstract art foothold ashore, a huge impression on him after. Yet his interest is not one-sided and he studied both classical and modern art at home and abroad.

Belgium, 1970’s
Silvered metal
Excellent condition

Frame: 17.71 in. x 17.71 (45 cm x 45 cm)
Litho: 12.2 in. x 12.2 in. (31 cm x 31 cm)

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