Kurt Beier Fantasy Island Armchairs

Kurt Beier Fantasy Island armchairs

Kurt Beier Fantasy Island Armchairs


Fantasy Island lounge chairs by Kurt Beier. These charming yet playful chairs, in original condition.

Kurt Beier designed these chairs in the “Fantasy Island” collection with the bizarre name “Eiserne Jungfrau” in 1991. These chairs were made from a high-quality, playful mix of materials that was typical of the 1990s. They are made of light beech wood for the organically shaped legs, a backrest made of brushed steel and the upholstery made of brown leather.

This set has been re-upholstered with Bison Bruneel Bergamo bouclé fabric. They are surprisingly comfortable even without the back cushion.

  • Dimensions 75 cm x 80 cm x 80 cm.

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