Large abstract Wooden sculpture by Jef Depasse

Large abstract Wooden sculpture by Jeff Depasse

Large abstract Wooden sculpture by Jef Depasse

€ 8500

Immersed in the rich legacy of Jef Depassé’s artistic journey, we present a captivating piece from the renowned sculptor’s collection – a large abstract wooden sculpture that transcends boundaries and ignites the imagination.

Crafted with precision and passion, this exquisite sculpture embodies the essence of Depassé’s artistic vision. Crafted from a substantial piece of solid Oak Its organic form and captivating lines invite you to unravel the mysteries within, evoking a sense of wonder and introspection. The sculptor is signed and dated underneath the base.

Jef Depassé, born in Amsterdam as the son of Cornelis Huisman and Joke Depasse, was a versatile artist who ventured into the realms of landscape architecture and sculpture. After completing his education at the Higher Horticultural School in Frederiksoord, he initially pursued a career in landscape architecture. However, his innate passion for sculpting gradually surfaced, driving him to experiment with a diverse range of materials including wood, stone, bronze, and brass. Despite lacking formal artistic training, Depassé immersed himself in the world of sculpting as an assistant to sculptor Edu Waskowsky. This experience culminated in his significant contribution to Waskowsky’s Jewish monument, unveiled in 1977 in Groningen. Through this hands-on involvement and unwavering dedication, Depassé transformed into a versatile sculptor, delving into both abstract and figurative expressions in his captivating body of wor


Dimensions: 129cm x 50cm x 50cm

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